Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Awesome FREE video series - see how the "Big Boys" play the IM game

Should have passed this along earlier, but kept forgetting. It's not too late, though. I just watched the video with Anik Singal (Affiliate Classroom and a bunch of other programs). He's also the guy behind Affsphere.

If you're not on Affsphere yet, you should register TODAY!!!

1. It's a free place you can submit articles that'll get you some good traffic to your sites. (Or your clients' sites if you're a freelance writer - a nice added value you can use to promote your services.)

2. You'll earn credits every time your articles are read, and every time you submit a new article that's approved (also if you refer other writers). You can use your credits to buy ad space.

3. You can use your articles to promote affiliate products - an excellent way to get your foot in the internet marketing door.

4. And this one's a biggie: The site is now running ads and receiving revenue which will be split among the authors.

So, listen to Anik's interview and get yourself set up on Affsphere.